What Sets Us Apart

Learn more about why students trust PDSP, how we only charge $50, how we solved the Pass/Fail dilemma, and see how PDSP can easily fit into YOUR busy schedule.

Plus a sneak peak at a lesson!

Your Tools for Success

PDSP uses all of the resources you know and love, organizes each day’s tasks, and has been proven to be effective so you can be confident that you will be ready to breeze through your dedicated study period and pass Step 1 in an efficient manner! We are in the pass/fail era and this course is tailored exactly to the new grading system – not too much, not too little.
Only ~4 hours/week. The first cohort of students who took the course scored in the 60-75 range on the CBSE (which they took immediately after the preclinical curriculum and before starting their dedicated study period). This means they are barely passing the exam, and they haven’t even started dedicated yet. That is the sweet spot!

You Have a Few Options

No Prep Until Dedicated Study Period

Since the exam went pass/fail, many students have elected to not study at all for the exam until they finish their curriculum. Come to find out, it is not feasible to relearn the entire curriculum in 6 weeks. We believe this is the reason that students are pushing their test dates back and failing the exam at significantly higher rates since the scoring change.


We split the difference! The goal of PDSP is to only spend a few hours each week on Step 1 prep so that you can focus on your curriculum and then navigate a quick and painless dedicated study period when the time comes. Sounds like a great plan, right? If it sounds too good to be true, read some testimonials and reach out with questions!

Other Courses Designed For a Graded Exam

The “brand name” courses are still hundreds to thousands of dollars and require 100’s of hours to prepare you to get a 250 on Step 1 (Yes, there are courses that still promise a 250+ as of 2024). It's pass/fail! This is no longer necessary and is a waste of your time!

Why it Works

We recognized early on that this resource was missing when we had to navigate this process, so we took Step 1, and then immediately turned around and created a solution to the problem. Each module and lesson is comprised of the most high-yield topics and we can confidently make this claim because we made the list of topics days after completing our studying and walking out of the exam. When you complete the course, you will have covered the highest-yield material, so you have a solid foundation to build on during dedicated study.

How it works

The course is designed to be taken during the last semester of your preclinical curriculum; right before dedicated Step 1 prep. We intentionally created a 13-week course to be used over a 16-week semester, so you can pick 3 weeks that you are not using the course (like on study weeks!). Also, if you do the math, PDSP only adds up to about 4 hours per week. Upon completion of the course, you will have done 325+ practice questions, read the majority of First Aid, and kept up with a 1,300-card Anki deck (and more!).